Terp Float Festival-Goer Information

First and foremost we want to say that we appreciate you joining us for Terp Float 2022! We hope we can provide enough information below to ensure you and your friends have an amazing time! 


 Friday - Check In and Pre Party  - 4pm - 11pm (Check in starts at 12pm)

 Saturday - Float and Festival  - 12pm - 12am (check in starts at 8am)

 Sunday - Vendor Float and Pack Out - 10am - 4pm 

DiamondHead Resort will host live music Sunday night at the Gravel Bar featuring Colton Kro and the Murder!

 Check In: Check in will be available starting at 12pm on Friday , 8/5. We highly recommend coming on Friday! Camping is first come , first serve and the best sites along the river will go first. 

All vendors will need to be set up by 3:30pm, music starts at 4pm. 


Once you arrive, you will be directed to the check in booth right in front of the guard shack. You will check in, grab your wristbands and proceed to the camping area / festival grounds. You will need order number and name for check in. 


Booths: You will have a 10x10 are , unless you have purchased a tier 3 or tier 4 sponsorship which includes 20x10 area. All booth spaces will be reserved and set prior to arrival. 


Consumption & Dispensary

 This whole resort is cannabis friendly. Please make sure you are following all local and state laws. Please consume responsibly. The Cannaboose is a fully licensed,  on site dispensary that will feature exclusive drops from select sponsors as well as essentials for the weekend including flower, pre-rolls, Carts, and edibles. 




- Camping is first come , first serve. Their is plenty of room for everyone, but the most popular spots right long the river will be first to go. You can get there as early as 12pm Friday to claim your Camping spot. Campers will be able to park their car near where they are camping. 

 - Please come prepared. Tents, Tent Stakes, Chairs, Flashlights, EZ UPs for shade, cooking utensils, coolers, water are all great ideas. 




- If you are floating on Saturday, Check in will start at 8am. The goal is to have all floaters on the River by 10am. 


- Please note if you will be in 5 person raft, tandem kayak or single kayak. 


- You will be shuttled 6 miles up stream where you will float back down to Diamondhead Resort. The water is moving slow and could be shallow in area. Please be cautious of debris and logs in the river. 


- River authority does not like glass on the River, please be cautious of local laws. Blunts, Joints, Carts , and E-Rigs are recommended. Please be courteous of other on the water that may not wish to participate.  


- The float typically take 3-4 hours from put in until you reach Diamondhead Resort. The more you paddle, the quicker the float. 


- Having an umbrella or some form of shade for the boat is a great idea. 




- Bring lots of sunscreen, snacks , drinks, portable stereo, umbrella (for shade) and a dry bag if you have one. 


Food Options 

 We will have 10+ Food Trucks on site. We will have food available 4pm on Friday and 12pm on Saturday. It is always a good idea to bring extra food and snacks. Water, Adult Beverages, Snow Cones, Ice Cream, Hot Meals will all be available throughout the event. 




We recommend you bring your own linens and pillows for the cabins as that stuff will be very limited depending on how many individuals you have staying with you. You can check in to cabins after 1pm on Friday. You will need ID and a credit card for incidentals upon check in. 




For attendees planning on bringing RVs, all of them will be parked in the RV corrall in the upper right pavilion. We will have large generators with spider boxes to support RV power needs that will not have designated hook ups. Please note this is not guaranteed to power your whole RV, come prepared to be self sufficient.  These RV spaces will not have Grey or Fresh water plug ins. Please be prepared for this. It's recommended that RVs have their own generator just in case the large universal generator becomes inoperable.  



 for reservations call 918-973-0019 or visit https://www.travelinwithjoe.com/

 - this RV park is walking distance from the venue!




We will have an ATM on site , but we always recommend coming prepared with cash. 


Off Site Hotels 


If you plan on staying off site , we recommend booking at the Holiday Inn Express in Tahlequah.  


Festival Grounds


The festival grounds will be a gated in area. Non ticket holders will not be permitted onto the festival grounds.Grounds will be open 4pm - 12am on Friday,  and 12pm - 12am on Saturday. 



 Festival Only tickets will be sold at the door all weekend long. 


Questions or Additional Information:

 For questions or additional information please don't hesitate to contact us at info@terpfloatoklahoma or contact Josh Berner at +918-931-8931