Artists Line Up

 Nick Shoulders 

Wielding an ethereal croon and masterful whistle crafted from a lifetime chasing lizards through the Ozark hills, Nick Shoulders is a living link to roots of country music with a penchant for the absurd. Combining his family's deep ties to regional traditional singing with his years of playing to crowded street corners, Nick has sought to forge a hybridized form of raucously clever country music; born of forgotten rocky hollers and bred to confront the tensions of the 21st century South. As evidenced by his surreal album art and anachronistic songwriting, Nick’s creative output is steeped in the complicated history of his beloved home of rural Arkansas, but crafted as a conscious rebuke of country music’s blind allegiance to historical seats of power and repression. With a kind word and a mean yodel, Nick hopes to put the ‘Try’ in country.

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Doctor Junior

It’s widely known that music is one of the best medicines we have, and in this era of calamity, a Cosmic Doctor has chosen to invite the denizens of Earth to start their healing on the dance floor. 
With the funkiest grooves, soaring guitar, heart-filled vocals, and dirty bass it was clear from the beginning that the jam scene was made for them. They decided long ago that genres were a limiting concept, and true sound healing has no bounds. A Large part of a Doctor Junior show is the LIVE Improvisation. A song may be 4 minutes one night and 15 the next. They adapt to the patients in the crowd, keep the sound fresh and flowing, and give themselves the freedom to be inspired on-stage and in the moment.
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Lily B Moonflower 
Folk N Roll with a TWANG
Lily B Moonflower is a songwriter with a velvet voice and a performer that finds joy in sharing her lifelong craft, carrying on traditions of roots music, and connecting with the souls of the world thru song.
She refers to her style of music as, Folk 'n Roll With A Twang. Lily's handscripted lyrics are uniquely crafted and are delivered with grace and grit. She is able to connect with her audience on a profound level and leaves a lasting impression on the folks she meets. Her original songs are like colorful sonic tapestries that uplift any spirit. Her style of writing reflects her genuine soulshine and her unique perspective. 
Lily & her studio band from Lost Cowgirl Records, released their debut album "Moonflower" on Friday February 12, 2021. Combining honest lyrics with soaring vocals, and intricate instrumental interplay-- this fresh album puts a unique spin on a classic sound. Musical legend & guitar aficionado, Larry Keel raves about the album, saying it's "Sometimes bright and feel-good, sometimes moody and haunting. Overall, this is fresh honkytonk, fun-country that stays with me long after listening to the songs... A rich, smoky-honey voice that is instantly captivating,"
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Jake Keegan
Jake Keegan is a touring songwriter and multi- instrumentalist based out of Kansas City. Drawing from influence ranging from blues, bluegrass, folk, and rock n roll— Jake writes genuine music that expresses a plethora of emotions, inspired by the vast experiences of life. He plays with a fierce intensity that evokes deep feeling, and nuances his instrument in smooth persuasion. Combining dusky vocals with sultry instrumentals, his unique live performance decorates the air with heavy, palpable emotion.
Cementing his place in the music industry, Jake has made his way to top tier festivals, and venues around the region, and country. In addition to leading Jake Keegan band, Jake is a founding member of the progressive bluegrass outfit, Grassfed, a member of Lily B Moonflower Band, and session musician for studio work.
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Jon Bassin Music
Jon Bassin is a folksinger-songwriter, influenced by gospel, alt-country, soul, & americana. His deep family roots & rich musical heritage run from the Brazos River to the Appalachians, & reverberate through his heartfelt & experience-driven songwriting.
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Casey West 
Casey West is a singer / song-writer hailing from Fort Gibson , Oklahoma.
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Dj Terpenoid
DJ Terpenoid aka Andy Maroney hails from Upstate New York by way of California and Colorado, and now resides in Oklahoma City. When he's not spinning funk on the 1's and 2's he enjoys cycling, collecting vinyl, and playing drums.